“In whatever part of the body excess heat or cold is felt, the disease is there to be discovered.” --Hippocrates

Upcoming Clinics:

Oct. 12-13, 2016

Physiotherapy and Sport Injury Clinic
690 Riverpark Road
Timmins, ON

Oct 21, 2016

Core Health Naturopathic Wellness Centre
165 Main Street W.
Huntsville, ON

Oct. 24, 2016

Body of Health
Willow West Mall, 183 Silvercreek Pkwy N
Guelph, ON

Oct. 26, 2016

Silver Birch Clinic
196 Centre St.
St. Thomas, ON

Oct. 28, 2016

Oakville Naturopathic Wellness Centre
Dr. Nyla Jiwani
#22-2172 Wyecroft Rd.
Oakville, ON

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Our Vision - See The Future With Us

We look through the thermography lens and see the future, and you can too. Prevention is becoming the medical priority in today’s culture. We are no longer satisfied to accept detection, treatment or management of disease. We believe there is no reason to exaggerate the benefits of thermography which is unique and beneficial enough to stand on its own merit.


The advantage of an early assessment of risk factors could be life-saving. Breast Thermography is one of the best early detection systems available today.

Healthy Breast

Breast health is not just about the absence of disease; it is about women being pro-active and making healthy choices to promote healthy breasts.


Preventing cardiovascular disease means making smart choices now that will pay off later in life. Cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death worldwide and remains a major cause of premature death.

Bio feedback & Nutrition

Biomeridian stress assessment is an electrodermal screening procedure that provides a comprehensive health evaluation by measuring responsive points which indicate possible imbalances in the body's organ systems.


Thermography is a non-invasive, non-radiologic way to measure areas of inflammation throughout the whole body, as well as regional conditions related to dental, cranial and thyroid.

Thermography Medical Clinic

"Early detection is important...but prevention is the key!"

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